Dick Carter - Yacht Designer
 Eileen Ramsay
- the Queen of Yachting Photography
Blue Water Sailing Manual
Dick Carter

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Dick Carter - Yacht Designer
In 1965 Dick Carter entered Rabbit, the first boat he had ever designed into that year's classic Fastnet race – And Won! Two years later, racing Red Rooster, an even more innovative boat, he won the Race again, his centreboarder finishing top boat in the Admiral's Cup to lift the American team to overall victory!
Over the next decade, Carter and his yachts dominated across the world, winning successive One Ton Cups, the Half Ton Cup, Southern Cross series, Cape/Rio race, Middle Sea Race and the Bermuda Race.

As John Rousmaniere writes in his Introduction: "This story of the underdog sailor taking on the world and conquering it, is often surprising, roundly entertaining, inspiring and instructive."

Eileen Ramsay - the Queen of Yachting Photography
Eileen Ramsay was at the centre of a unique period in yachting history, and this wonderful book, featuring her classic photography, celebrates an extraordinary woman and her extraordinary subjects.

Blue Water Sailing Manual
Winner of the prestigious Gold Medal in 2007 Independent Publisher Book Awards
Distil the lessons from 50 circumnavigations completed by Sir Chay Blyth's Global Challenge yachts; add the experiences of the two winning Whitbread round the world race campaigns of Cornelis van Rietschoten and his Flyer crews - and you have The Blue Water Sailing Manual.
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