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By Barry Pickthall
Special limited edition - signed by the author
Priced £25.00 Sterling

Contributing editors:
Sir Chay Blyth CBE BEM
Andrew Roberts - former Project Director of the Global Challenge Races
Dr Campbell Mackenzie RD - A leading authority on medical matters at sea
Mike Golding - 4-time circumnavigator
David Houghton - Former Director of the National Weather Centre
Pete Goss OBE - 2-time circumnavigator and survival expert
Tim Woodhouse - Hood Sails
Nat Ives - Brookes & Gatehouse
Nigel Musto - Musto Clothing

Distil the lessons from 50 circumnavigations completed by Sir Chay Blyth's Global Challenge yachts; add the experiences of the two winning Whitbread round the world race campaigns of Cornelis van Rietschoten and his Flyer crews - and you have The Blue Water Sailing Manual.

Working with some of the world's best known sailors and experts on construction, crew training, rigs, food, clothing, weather routing, sailing, medical matters and survival, Barry Pickthall has revised his original award winning Blue Water Racing book to produce a manual that will be of immense value to anyone planning to sail offshore or take time out to race or adventure sail around the world.

In specific text and widespread use of photographs and clear line drawings this invaluable manual gives directions for ocean and offshore sailing, both cruising and racing.
The book is divided into three major parts.

  • The Boat.
  • Preparation and Planning
  • Out on the Course
Early chapters cover structural integrity of hull and rig, together with the selection, care and setting of sails. One chapter is devoted entirely to the significant lessons learned from the Global Challenge yachts, and another explains the tactical navigation systems used on offshore and racing yachts.

The second section contains proven ways of looking after the crew, including clothing, food and medical treatment.

Techniques for sailing the ocean, night voyages and close racing, occupy later chapters, with authoritative material on repairs at sea, heavy weather and survival.

The chapters on crewing and the basics of racing apply equally well to those competing in inshore and long offshore events

Before you head offshore, let the experts of Blue Water Sailing Manual prepare you for the adventure of a lifetime.

Sailing magazine published its review of Blue Water Sailing Manual earlier this year:

"Take a compelling subject or script, add a star-studded cast, and in movie terms, you have a 'blockbuster'. In terms of maritime literature, this publication has exactly those requirements - with the same sort of result. Pickthall is a renowned writer of sailing books, and the contributing editors in this 'manual' include household names such as Sir Chay Blyth, Pete Goss and Mike Golding, and specialists such as David Houghton (weather) and Dr Campbell Mackenzie (medical).

In this updated handbook for extended cruising and sailing in extreme conditions the editors draw on all their unrivalled experience gained often in the highly competitive world of racing on the great oceans of the world. Add to this the two winning Whitbread campaigns of Cornelis van Rietschoten, which formed the basis of the first edition of this book, and you surely have something of immense value to anyone who is thinking of sailing or racing offshore or around the globe.

The book is basically divided into three parts - The Boat, Preparation and Planning, and Out to Sea - and it deals with construction, rigging, sails, computerised nav systems, the human element, the weather, food, clothing, medical matters, basics of racing, ocean passages, jury rigs, and survival. It is very well written, with wonderfully clear pics and graphics. It is a book that tops anything I have seen of a similar nature."

Richard Crockett - Sailing magazine.

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